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Link365 will help you evaluate, deploy, and manage Cloud technology solutions for your business, while driving down IT costs.

Cloud Assessment and Solutions:

An industry shift toward Cloud based IT solutions is creating a considerable opportunity for businesses that depend on computer technology. Link365 is helping businesses leverage state of the art Cloud based technology to reduce operating costs and increase bottom line. Engage with Link365 and we will immediately assess your current infrastructure as a whole using our Cloud Readiness Assessment. We will then determine when and where Cloud based solutions make sense within your organization and IT infrastructure. By making calculated and controlled moves towards Cloud solutions, your business will benefit in the following areas:

• Reduce infrastructure cost

• IT agility, pay only for the services you need, at the time you need them

• Drastically reduce time to deploy new technology

• Proof of concept for new IT projects prior to purchasing new technology

• Reduce IT service, maintenance, and management costs

• More productive staff

• Data security

Our industry leading approach begins with a Cloud Readiness Assessment, and focuses on building a Cloud Strategy for your organization. We have developed a systematic process that enables us to understand your business IT requirements. Our goal is to quickly turn the information we gather into an effective evaluation report for you to justify cost savings and determine productivity gains. Whether infrastructure or applications, we will propose the appropriate balance of premise and Cloud based solutions.

Ongoing Support:

Once engaged with Link365, we will continually assist your organization with implementing and supporting complete or hybrid Cloud solutions. We will develop a technology plan to justify IT infrastructure and consult with you on a regular basis.

Whether you use all public Cloud technology, or a hybrid of public Cloud and internal infrastructure, Link365 will be there with world class service to support you with a friendly and caring personal touch. We have a seasoned team of experts with a broad and extensive knowledge in information technology dating back to 1983. Our breadth of knowledge, along with our technology partnerships enables us to bring to you the best of breed Cloud based solutions and technical support. Our service processes are built to provide you with constant communication and feedback. We believe that communication is the key to successful business relationships. When you choose Link365 to support your business, we will always provide you with up to date status on your IT projects and service requirements. Choose us and you’ll notice the difference.